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what makes lifeboost coffee different

What Makes LifeBoost Coffee Different from Regular Coffee?

Lifeboost Organic Coffee

If you take a look at the description of LifeBoost Coffee, you will immediately realize that they are pretty different from the regular coffee you see every day. Compared to regular beans, LifeBoost offers a long list of benefits for the consumer. With that said, this article focuses on the most significant benefits linked with this amazing coffee variety for real coffee lovers.

LifeBoost Coffee are solely from Nicaragua (Single Origin Coffee)

One of the most unique characteristics associated with LifeBoost Coffee is that it comes from a single origin – from Nicaragua. That means, these coffee beans are not mixed with coffee beans produced in other countries. These coffee beans are harvested from Nicaraguan highlands and that exclusiveness is never compromised. These Nicaraguan highlands are ideal to produce the best coffee thanks to the combination of pristine climate and rich volcanic soil.

The uniqueness of the single origin coffee can be identified simply by experiencing the aroma and the flavor. Both of those aspects are unique for coffee grown in highlands of Nicaragua. Coffee beans that are collected from different parts of the world and mixed together cannot offer such exclusive taste or aroma.

LifeBoost Coffee is certified to be organic

Mt. Kilambé – from where the LifeBoost Coffee is harvested from – is a National Protected Area in Nicaragua. That is particularly because of the lush forests and exceptional biodiversity. Due to this very reason, it is strictly prohibited to use pesticides, non-organic fertilizers and other chemicals to farm coffee in this specific area. So, the coffee grown under such conditions – needless to mention – are genuinely organic.

As a result, LifeBoost Coffee beans deliver some unique benefits which cannot be expected from regular coffee varieties.

  • They are genuinely, certified organic and they don’t contain any junk.
  • They are not genetically modified.
  • LifeBean Coffee beans are shade-grown. Chopping down the forests is not allowed in Mt.Kilambe (because it is a National Protected Area). So, the farmers ‘have to’ grow coffee trees under the natural shades. As a result, the taste of the coffee is better.
  • All the coffee beans come under LifeBean are handpicked.
  • They are eco-friendly and they don’t impact negatively on the ecosystem.

LifeBean Coffee is totally free of mycotoxins as well. In fact, mycotoxins (a toxin just like the name suggests) are produced due to a variety of mold that appear on food. When you consume such food for a long period, that can be hazardous.

Most of the coffee beans (low-quality coffee beans, in particular) come with at least some traces of this substance called mycotoxins. Even if the substance exists as traces, it can be harmful in the long run. However, on the other hand, LifeBean is completely free from mycotoxins and that means they are 100% human-friendly.

Besides, LifeBoost Coffee is easy on stomach as per the expert coffee reviewers and that is mainly because the low acidic characteristics it has. Even if you have gastrointestinal issue, LifeBoost Coffee would be the perfect choice for you due to this factor. Browse Lifeboost Coffee Selection

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